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What is a Micromarket?

Micromarkets are the new trend in business. They replace canteens, cafeterias and vending machines with a solution that is:

  • Less expensive
  • Healthier

  • More varied

  • More accessible
  • More user-friendly
A Micromarket in the health sector

A Micromarket in the health sector

Why choose 3Mmm Micromarkets?

A Micromarket in the health sector

3Mmm is a Canadian leader in Micromarkets

3Mmm is a Canadian leader in Micromarkets, offering our services throughout the country.

We currently serve small, medium and large private businesses, as well as public and parapublic organizations throughout Quebec.


The benefits of a Micromarket

A Micromarket is, as the name suggests, a minimarket offered by your company and accessible at all times. It is a substitute for traditional places like:

Ready to start?

We know from our many years of experience that we can improve your work environment and benefit your business.

  • Offer you increased productivity with satisfied employees in their workplace.

  • Allow you to generate direct or indirect income.
  • Allow you to focus your energy 100% on your company.