What’s a Micromarket?

What’s a Micromarket? 2019-03-10T11:17:45+00:00

A Micromarket is a site that provides consumers with various food and other products to meet the daily needs of their employees during the day. This self-service counter concept provides 24/7 access to a wide range of workplace products, from breakfast to meals, while offering a quick fix for snacks as well.

  • Allow employees to take healthy breaks.
  • Improve interactions and closeness.
  • Eat healthy!
micromarket 3Mmm

The Micromarket concept

The concept is simple. Employees just identify themselves, using a 3Mmm card or a fingerprint, at the payment terminal located in your company to buy our products. Our Micromarket offers employees access to a nearby food solution at all times, ensuring a work-friendly environment.

The Micromarket concept. Click to enlarge.

A more economical and varied substitute

A Micromarket replaces all types of cafeterias, which are expensive and offer a limited service in time and products. In addition, a Micromarket replaces vending machines, which are impersonal and offer limited products whose freshness, quality and variety may leave something to be desired.

  • Less expensive
  • Healthier

  • More varied

  • Accessible

  • More user-friendly

How it works